MOCT STUDIO_Portland bridge_Light Arch_Elevation.jpg
MOCT STUDIO_Portland bridge_Light Arch_view cross raod
MOCT STUDIO_Portland bridge_Light Arch_view inside

LIGHT ARCH are continuous translucent, incandescent light sculptures floating underneath the Portland Road Bridge for people to experience during their journey in South Norwood. The light sculptures seemingly drift below the iron girders of the bridge, illuminating and framing the space formed along the pedestrian passages to create ‘rooms’. The walls of these ‘rooms’ are revealed by light, highlighting their materiality and construction detail; iron column, flared capital, girder, bolt, aggregated brickwork, art mural. The sculptures also react to the rhythm and geometry created by the bridge construction to emphasis and feature its structural members.

Portland Road Bridge // Location: South Norwood, London 2018