Sylvester Road

Location: London

Value: Estimated 120k

Area: 130 sqm

Feasibility: 2015 - current

Client: Private


The project explored the process of restoration and remodelling through initially understanding the progressive transformations this Edwardian terrace had undergone throughout its life. Revealing and reinstating the qualities and features of the original terrace whilst sensitively reworking and rationalising previous additions to the rear of the house. 





MOCT_house extension_sylvester rd_long section.jpg

A previous rear addition had contributed to the fragmentation of the living spaces and undermined the hierarchy of forms addressing the garden. The proposal removes the rear addition and reinstates the original building line giving emphasises back to the bay projection. The rear living spaces are combined and extended with a two storey glazed insertion. The relationship and transparency of the new addition allows the original form of the terrace to be understood.


The volume and profile of the roof is used to provide additional amenity to the first floor bedrooms. The rear roof is opened and main loft space usurped to provide a timber clad bedroom and study.

Existing and Proposed Ground Floor Plan

Existing and Proposed Ground Floor Plan

Proposed First Floor plan

Proposed First Floor plan