Voss Street

Location: London

Consultation: 2015

Client: Tower Hamlets


The scheme includes two proposals, one for a house and one for the street. Voss Street is a cobbled service mews behind Bethnal Green Road. On the north side of the narrow mews are service entrances for retail units, on the south side lock-ups for market traders. The proposal for the street is to convert the underused and dilapidated mews into a secure and attractive public pathway linked to the surrounding network. The mews becomes a social space for the community to enjoy and experience as part of their journey in the area. The small house is an exemplary project challenging the introverted and intimate relationship between the public and domestic.



“This row is in the most abominable state of dirt and filth that can well be imagined. The path is most unequal, full of puddles of mud and filth, and nearly impassable”

Social Investigation/Journalism - Sanitary Ramblings, Being Sketches and Illustrations of Bethnal Green, by Hector Gavin, 1848 [Districts 3-5, pages 34-64]