Kenrick Place

Location: London

Area: 837sqm

Feasibility: 2016

Client: Private


MOCT were invited to provide proposals to re-develop and convert 2 mews buildings in Marylebone into a headquarters and collaborative working environment for a charitable foundation. Building from the principles of the foundations work the design focused on creating light for thinking spaces.




The proposals inserted a new building replacing the mews house alongside the amended façade of the warehouse building. The new articulated brick building provides both a pivotal symmetry to the mew streetscape and caters for the inclusion of a new entrance and circulation. 




The design provided a series of lighting conditions in the buildings to accompany the different programmatic zones. Deep voids are carved into the buildings creating concentric areas of daylight penetration and defining the workspaces. Daylight is used to spread across the dedicated workspaces and then tempered or supplemented in more collaborative work and meeting areas.


Axillary programmes including a café and multi-purpose event space are grouped in a double basement extension.   

MOCT_offce refurbishment_kenrick pl_plan_image 03.jpg