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MOCT Studio has designed a desk with draped fabric folds beneath a minimal steel frame. The desk juxtaposes a thin rigid frame and desktop with draped fabric folds to provide a storage solution. 

In developing the design MOCT wanted to create a delicate, floating desk that still had storage for items under the desktop. The challenge was to provide storage whilst retaining the slender, lightweight character of the frame. Wax canvas is draped from steel rods fixed to the frame providing varying folds of fabric for storage and contrasting the rigidly orthogonal frame and desktop surface. 

The desktop is polyurethane coated dyed fibreboard and the frame mild steel sections with steel rods below the desktop to drape the waxed canvas similar in design to a deckchair. 

The draped waxed canvas offers storage in 3 different fold. The deepest to hold sockets and cables that can penetrate through the desktop, the second storage for small objects and stationary and the third shallower, wider fold for papers and books. The waxed canvas then continues to fold up onto the desktop to from an area of soft surface.

Desk // Size: 1700L x 700W x 758H mm