PROJECT - Model studies of steel structure at Small House on 12 Voss STreet. Project is currently under construction. Coming Soon !

PROJECT - Atrium space connecting ground floor public space to the building entrance and first floor wood workshop. Design for Adelaide Creative Community competition.

Atrium Interior View b.jpg


SITE - Testing brown and green marbles with soft furnishing materials against granite and Portland stone on site. 

SITE - Pattern and laser cut testing on paper and anodised aluminium panel for retail facade for 10 -14 Bow Lane.



SITE - Bespoke terrazzo dry lay inspection.

MODEL MAKING - Preparing silicon mould for plaster casting.  


MOCT_house_extension_barnham rd_image12.jpg

PROJECT - Interior of living room for family house at Barnham Road


MODEL MAKING - Half sphere made with flat panels lined with mylar blankets to captures light and projects onto floor.

MODEL - Timber structure model for a semi courtyard house connecting to a larger garden.

2018-09-07 15.27.18 copy.jpg

PROJECT - Desk with steel frame with hanging canvas.  

MOCT_officedesk_fabric_image 02.jpg